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Since its formation, our parent company the Coast Mountain Geological Group continues to expand its services and operations globally. With a proud clientele and project history CMG continues to deliver value and quality geological service solutions to its clients. Our experienced geologists are fully qualified and registered throughout Canada, ready to take your project through the entire lifecycle, from concept through to completion.

Safety: CMG has a strong focus on safety and risk management. We enforce all safety policies and preventative measures such as continued and mandatory safety training.

Locations: We are always growing and ready to listen, providing clients with a single point of contact and convenient locations to implement operations throughout the Americas. Our subsidiary offices are based in Durango Mexico & Anchorage Alaska.

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  • Claim Staking, Permit Acquisition, & Community Relations
  • Camp Set-up & Logistics including Field Communication & Internet Phone/Services
  • Project Staffing and Training
  • Extensive Research including Literary Reviews
  • Custom Field Map & Project Data Creation
  • Safety, First Aid, & Emergency Response Planning & Implementation


  • Drill Program Supervision
  • Camp Management
  • Geochemical Surveys incl. soil, silt, rock and water
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Mapping, Prospecting & Target Definition
  • Project Cost Tracking
  • DGPS
  • Portable XRF Analyser


  • GIS Analysis and Interpretation
  • 43-101 Qualifying Reports & Government Filings
  • Cartographic Compilations & Custom Graphics
  • Promotional Material