Our Story

FluidPR is an adoptive investor relations and marketing agency located in Vancouver, British Columbia. With over a decade in the business, we specialize working with public venture companies involved in critical metal exploration and development, renewable energy and environmental technologies.

Our agency was formed to fill a service gap that we kept facing when seeking support for our clients who needed services beyond branding and marketing: compliant online growth strategies that reach investors, timely news dissemination, geological compliance standards and quantifiable measures.

We needed real-time, option based marketing solutions that addressed our growth and development. Instead were limited by fixed marketing bundles with unneeded services and additional costs. This prompted us to create an a la carte marketing program that can be tailored to each client’s needs at the time they need it. Our approach is simple; we grow with the companies we support so focus on digital strategies that help you target your opportunities and deliver results.

Every company has a unique and compelling story to tell and we have the knowledge to help share it.
The team at FluidPR has combined business experience in mergers and acquisitions, investor and public relations, traditional and online marketing and branding. Our marketing programs are fully compliant and we even have in-house QP’s to make sure all technical materials meet regulatory standards.

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